RAND-University of Pittsburgh Health Institute

Translating Research into Practice (TRIP) I


The RUPHI-University of Pittsburgh CTSI TRIP Pilot Grant Program provides funding for preliminary projects that test the efficacy of moving an innovation (e.g., technology, guidelines, procedures, educational materials, etc.) into clinical practice.

Funding Period

July 1, 2007 – July 1, 2008


University of Pittsburgh Investigator RAND Investigator Title of Project
Goutham Rao, MD John Pane, PhD Development and Qualitative Evaluation of a Web Course for Primary Care Physicians about Childhood Obesity
Karen L. Courtney, RN, PhD
Jennifer H. Lingler, PhD, FNP
Andrew Dick, PhD Feasibility of a Telehealth Kiosk Intervention for Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Wendy King, PhD Tamara Dubowitz, PhD How Do Features of the Built and Social Environment Conducive to Healthy Diet and Physical Activity Vary by Neighborhood Racial Composition and Socioeconomic Characteristics in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?

Final Reports